Alexander Sarraga is a refreshing end time voice to the body of Christ. Delivering God’s Word with revelation, conviction and a down to earth style allows him to connect with people and inspire them to seek God’s destiny for their lives as well as truth and intimacy with the Lord. His meetings are often filled with dynamic outpourings of the Holy Spirit. His passion is to see lives encounter the transforming fire of God’s presence and power and to see cities, and the nations of the world A blazed for Yashua Hamashiach  (Jesus  Christ )
The most powerful way to grow in your relationship with the Lord is to immerse yourself in the word of God. therefore we have made available a number of resources to aid you in your desire to be a true champion in Christ.


Anatomy of The Holy Spirit  CD Series 

As the church moves forward in this dispensation it is imperative that the body of Christ know the full function of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Jesus said He would not leave us orphan but he would leave us the Holy Spirit in His stead. Apostle Alexander Sarraga not only introduces the person of the Holy Spirit but also breaks down the anatomy of the third person of the trinity. The Holy Spirit . Apostle Sarraga carefully dissects the mind, heart and will of the Spirit in a way that will give you the ability to develop the true intimacy that Jesus desired for his church. As you listen to each apostolic teaching, the Holy Spirit will take you to a dimension of spiritual intimacy you have never experience before. Your life and spiritual walk will never be the same as you listen to the revelation and divine teaching of this eleven set series on the Spirit of God. Get ready to be transformed into His likeness!

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